Software Services offering – focused on intelligent dashboards, analytics, workflow automation, CRM, POS, ERP, E-commerce implementation, DTC-based workflows, IOT solution implementation, and API development. QA-based services.

No Code focused development and implementation ( Bubble, Xano, Bldr, Glide, Airtable, Zapier, )

Consultation in Design, Architecture, and Solution Engineering.

The days are short. Years are long or so to say, we have learnt a lot over the years. Check what we have been upto

Our Ethos


Being authentic and original in our creations, respecting quality and security and privacy. Human well being is our core.


Enable others to perform well, give your best always, be one among others. Thrive with empathy and confidence.

Our Company

Making customer happy one step at a time

Building long term relationships, creating better solutions, keeping internal and external customers happy, is what we are focused at Starlly Solutions.

Having been through interesting phases of company building, can proudly say that we are just Getting started.

Our software services team is delivering quality solutions with an eye for innovation and usability, Making it easy for customers to scale and adapt to digitization needs without any trouble.

As we focus on growing our offerings , growing customer base, increasing team strength , we are looking forward to be part of good ecosystem focused on DTC, Ecom, SaaS hub communities .

Our Values

We build a company focused on customer & team happiness, personal growth, guided by these values.

Default to transparency
  • As individuals, we view transparency as a lifestyle of authenticity and honesty.
  • As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to work remotely and establish a culture of trust.
  • As a company, we view transparency as a tool to help others.
  • We share early in the decision process to avoid “big revelations.”
  • We strive to make all communication clear and avoid making assumptions.

  • We strive to approach things in a positive way while realizing all emotions are valid.
  • We avoid non-constructive criticism of team members or customers.
  • We assume the best of others because we may lack full context.
  • We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity for growth.
  • We push through any artificial harmony to work towards a better environment, product or concept.

  • We regularly stop and demonstrate gratitude for our circumstances.
  • We are thankful for our customers and approach customer conversations with the knowledge that it’s a privilege to serve them.
  • We practice humility, operate as no-ego doers and do not attach our personal selves to ideas.
  • We are grateful for the work teammates do to push the company forward.
  • We display gratitude for the platforms, tools and open source code and communities that make our company possible and view it as our duty to give back.
    • We believe the act of introspection is where true learning and life-changing adjustments originate.
    • We approach discussions intentionally and think through all angles.
    • We listen first and then listen more: seeking first to understand, then to be understood.
    • We step back from the day-to-day and reflect on overall themes that will make an impact.
    • We take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and we could be wrong.